Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare our tracks for the mix?

The ideal scenario is to contact me before the actual recording starts so I can provide technical requirements and make sure I get what I need for the mix. It's more important than you think. Plus I could help you during the recording process.

In all cases, it'd be a good idea to watch
this video :)


Before entering the studio...

Preparation really is the key for a successfull production and this covers quite a few things from great songs with good arrangement structures to perfectly knowing how to actually play them. The instruments you play also need to be professionally prepared. Once the recording session is booked, I provide a guideline document with plenty of important details to help you.


Working day

We work together from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can cook and eat at the studio. Accomodation is included - up to 4 beds.
I like to describe the work in the studio as "passionally professional": both artistic excitement and hard work!


Production options

For some reason, you may need musicians to play on your record or drum programming or editing to optimize your tracks.

- Wether it is about Metal, Rock, Pop or Folk music, I work with professional session musicians for drums, guitars, bass and even strings and vocals in some cases.
- I can do professional drum programming. The end result can sound very realistic and beyond your expectations actually. I can humanize your own drum parts, rearrange them or write great drum performances from scratch.
- I can also edit your audio tracks. You may need professionnal drum quantizing or vocal tuning if you record at home for example. Sample enhancement/replacement can improve your recording too.


Can we attend the mix?

I prefer to mix alone to be honest. However, I can accept someone with me for the last 10% of the mix sometimes.

The very good thing about that is that you can listen to the mix previews on your listening systems you really know and get back to me with an accurate opinion on what needs to be revised instead of judging on monitors you don"t know in a room you don't know.