Frequently asked questions

Can we attend the mix?

I prefer to work alone when mixing to be honest. However, I can accept someone with me for the last 10% of the mix sometimes.

The good thing about that is that you can listen to the result on listening systems you really know and get back to me with an accurate opinion on what needs to be revised.

When your mix session is booked, you receive a sheet with technical requirements to prepare your files the best and easiest possible way.

Working day

Typically, I work from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

I love my job and while we have to be serious and focused, I do think we can do great things without being stressed as hell. So there is always a relax atmosphere in the studio, I think this is very important and so much more enjoyable :)

It's a good idea to bring some stuff to kill time (laptop, books, etc.) and/or cameras if you want to take some pictures & videos.

As we are there to make a great record and this process requires a lot of work, only band members are accepted in the studio. I like to work with one or two persons at a time as the whole team does not have to be there all the time. It helps to keep focused.


Several options... Either you record by yourself in the reharsal room and/or in your home studio and while it's totally possible, it requires at least some minimum gear a bag of good knowledge (recording, editing, organization, file management...). Not easy at all!

Or you record with a producer. That way allows you to stay focused on your playing, to be pushed to deliver your best performances and be sure everything goes well. It's not only about having a technician by your sides but also (and equally important) having a producer working with you on the artistic part.

A bit of both world can be a good way to make great things on a budget.

How to prepare the tracks for the mix?

The ideal scenario is to contact me before the actual recording starts so I can provide technical requirements and make sure I get what I need for the mix. It's more important than you think.

Please note that editing is NOT included in the mixing process so everything has to be mix-ready. I can take care of the editing as an additionnal service.

You have to do certain things before sending me your tracks. When the session is booked, you receive a mix guideline with clear and simple explainations.


I usually master my own mixes but I could provide the mix files to your mastering engineer.

I can also do the mastering of your project even if I did not mix it.

What backline could we use?

Many stuff can be available but what I permanently have is a selection of great guitar amps + a Kemper Profiling amp, an Evertune equipped 6-string Solar electric guitar, a 4-stringFender Jazz Bass and a Pearl Free Floating snare drum. For the entire equipment, check out the gear list.

Do you offer accomodation?

No but there are cool and affordable options around the studio. I'll be able to help you to find the right solution. As the studio is located at 3-minute drive from the beach and forests, you sure can find a very cool spot to stay during the production.

What do we need to know before entering the studio?

As the adage goes, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link". And the first link is the music itself and how you make it sound.

A good preparation really is the key for a great production and this covers quite a few things. Don't worry, once your recording session is booked, you receive a sheet with all the important details explained in order to get the best possible experience... and results!

Do you work with other music genres?

Yes! Even if every Metal and every Rock genres are indeed my main music area, I'm always very happy to work with other genres. I've worked on folk, pop, reggae projects wether in songwriting, arrangements, mixing or for full production.

That said, I do not work on EDM, Rap and HipHop.

Production options

For some reason, you may need someone to play on your record. Wether it is about Metal, Rock, Pop or Folk music, I can provide professional session musicians for drums, guitars, bass and even strings and vocals in some cases.

I can provide professional drum programming. The end result can sound very realistic and beyond your expectations actually. I can humanize your own drum parts, rearrange them or write great drum performances from scratch.

I can also edit your audio tracks. You may need professionnal drum quantizing or vocal tuning if you record at home for example. Sample enhancement/replacement can improve your recording too.

Don't hesitate to contact me!